Raw Herbs Planting Bases

Good quality herbal extracts starts from the original raw herbs. To ensure the quality and purity of its herbal ingredients, The China Resource Sanjiu has created many herbs farms through China, where herbs are cultivated according to the highest standard of quality and purity in areas determined by their geographical requirements..

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Carefully chosen genuine herbal raw material meets the requirement of processing a standardized extracts. The raw material of Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly from nature. However,, due to different varieties, texture of soil where they grow, climates and seasons, the raw material can differ in quality: thus, the selection of raw material and production processing are critical for the quality of the final products.

In accordance with the principles of correct growing environment and respect for local ecosystems, The China Resource Sanjiu has established GAP compliant herbal farms in 10 Chinese provinces. In these farms are grown more than 300 different herbs under conditions which limit heavy metal and pesticide residence and assure consistent high quality.

Identification of Type and Quality
By means of thorough registration of place of origin, microscopic examination, and physical and chemical testing, The China Resource Sanjiu ensures that the varieties of the raw herbs it uses are consistent with the standards of the TCM Pharmacopoeia. Using purity tests, careful examination of the active ingredient, and water content assay, we ensure that only the best of any herb is choose for our extracts.

For example, the common varieties of Radix Astragali on the market are Mongolian milkvetch root, membranous milkvetch root, and Astragalus chrysopterus bunge.

To meet the standards of the TCM Pharmacopoeia, the herb used in our extracts must be dry root of the perennial herbaceous plant Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch) Bge, and the content of the active ingredient (C41H68O14) cannot be less than 0.04% (HPLC method)

Our planting farms
The planting farms are built under the codes of practice of World Health Organization (WHO) to provide natural , safe and best quality raw herbs. The raw herbs and materials are produced with strict quality standards that cover the entire planting chain. This includes carefully monitoring and controlling the steps of seed selection, planting, growing and collecting, thereby insuring consistency of safety, quality and performance.

Good Agricultural Practice of Medicinal Plants and Animal (GAP)
Controlled quality at all stages of the manufacturing process is a prerequisite for standardized herbal medicine: monitoring begins with the quality of the seed stock and the plant itself.

In order to ensure the batch to batch consistency, coupling the ancient classic records of herbs with the modern botany researches, China Resource Sanjiu has developed a plantation network in China, operated in accordance with Good Agriculture Practice of Medicinal Plants and Animal (GAP) and supervised by botanical experts. By scenically monitoring the herb species, cultivation regions, harvest timing and processing techniques, China Resource Sanjiu guarantees the absolute consistency of qualified herb raw materials to be supplied to its research and production centers. Moreover, pesticides and heavy metals control start at this stage. All of these endow Sanjiu with the competence in the international market.


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