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  We welcome herbalists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Natural medicine practitioners and physicians to use this modern, convenient and effective 999 Single Chinese Herbal Extract Tea. We are the distributor in Canada and North America. The products are exclusively sold to practitioners with special discount prices. We offer great profit and support to practitioners and set a standard patient reference price providing price protection for every doctor. The products are not be available in herbal stores. 999 Herbal extract teas bring convenience to your patients as well as good profit to you.

It is time to change

The art of practicing Chinese herbal medicine can be traced back to 5000 years ago. Since then, our ancestors started to accumulate their knowledge of medicinal plants through evaluations of their efficacy and safety from the original "clinical trials", thereby creating the uniquely systematic theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Conventionally, decocting is used to prepare herbal teas. However, in 20th century, decoction is too lengthy a process for most. This is one of the reasons why TCM has not been popular in countries other than China. Now, it is time to consider to use herbal extracts to treat your patients. 999 herbal tea provides a reliable and efficacy solution to your herbal medication. Modernize and computerize your clinic by using our 999 Herbal extract teas and our computer software, "TCM organiser" which helps you to manage your clinic effectively and help you to prescribe herbal medicine formulae accurately.

Effective and reliable, you treat your patients more effective
Made from 100% top quality raw herbs and materials, China Resource Sanjiu Single Chinese Herbal Extracts maintain all of the original properties - elements, color and flavor of the initial substance. Under traditional decoction methods, over 50% of the herb's natural essence may be wasted. By using our 999 herbal extracts, the patients absorb 100% of the herb's potential.

Assured Quality
You will be completely ease of mind when using the 999 herbal extracts. The use of advanced technology and stringent quality control standards, along with top quality raw materials, assure that your patients are getting everything they paid for, and nothing else. Our highly trained staffs monitor the production process along all aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality of end products.


Passed all certification around the world
1. Good Manufacture Practices (GMP) Certification
2. Good Agriculture Practices for Medical Plants Certification
3. Canadian independent laboratory

For traditional decoction method, 50% of the active ingredient are disposed as dregs. But for the herbal extracts, 100% of the active ingredient will be wholly absorbed by the patient.


999 Chinese Herbal Extracts are used as direct substitutes for raw herbs. They are not made from milling of raw herbs. They are made from high quality raw material through extraction and processing by means of advanced modern technology with high quality control standard and removal of impurities. The extraction of the whole herbs which maintains the quality, flavor and taste of the raw material as well as stables the medical efficacy.

The price of the 999 herbal extract is more less the same as raw herb. However, after taking consideration of transportation and handling, the actual cost of the extract is less than the raw herbs. We offer special discount prices to practitioners and we set a standard patient reference price providing price protection for every doctor to ensure that the practitioners have reasonable profit.

During the past few months, the price of raw herbs increased tremendously. Our manufacturer has planting bases across China and they have steady supply in raw herbs. The price of 999 herbal extracts has not been increased in the past few years.


Each pouch contains one individual dose, making it easy to transport and store. All of our products are pre-measured, so they consume less of your time and space.

999 herbal extracts are packed in a "strip-joint" design. They are packed in an aluminum and plastic film. 100/200 bags are packed inside a professional cartoon, which has long shelf life and easy to store and manage.

Clear labeling and package

Defined extract names in English, Chinese and Latin as well as number codes are easy to distinguish and clearly marked on each individual package. Federal health regulators both in Canada and in the United States have approved the labels. All 999 Single Herbal Extracts come in individual dose pouches that contain highly soluble granules. This process makes Chinese Medicine more accessible to the public by going away with the need for decoction.

We provide best customer service and support

We are the sole distributor in Canada and distributor in North America. We welcome all practitioners and herbalists to use our products. We provide best price, quickest delivery time, and we stock more than 400 types of herbs. We We offer special discount prices to practitioners and we set a standard patient reference price providing price protection for every doctor.

For the benefit of your patient and your convenience, please use 999 herbal extract teas.

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