China Resource Sanjiu (999) Single Chinese Herbal Tea
For Prescription by professional practitioners

Formerly known as Nanfang Pharmaceutical Foctory, in terms of market capitalization, China Resources Sanjiu is China's largest manufacturer of Chinese Medicine herbal extract granules. Its herbal extract granules are the largest collection ever registered with Health Canada through 39 Medical Center under the Natural Health Product Regulation. Its registration and successful renewal since 2017 reflect the quality, efficacy and safety of Sanjiu's products, as well as illustrating the early and continuing bond between China Resources Sanjiu and 39 Medical Center in their common aim in developing TCM in Canada and beyond.

Innovation and Resolutions in Herbal Medicines


An innovation in TCM

Excellent healing effect

International Standards, Advanced technology

Stable medical efficacy

Easy to prepare, easy to take, tidy appearance

Packed in an aluminum sacket.

Easy to handle and manage

Error free and Good Protection


Storage easy and space saving

Stocking easy

Basic features and advantages

  • Maintains traditional characteristics of Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of symptoms, nature and location of the illness as well as the patients physical condition, thus formulating and applying prescriptions flexibly.
  • The entire natural active ingredient is preserved. The concentration of the active ingredient is high, giving a significant and stable therapeutic effect.
  • Advanced technology high quality control standard; extraction of the whole herb which maintains the quality, flavor and taste of the raw material as well as a stable medical efficacy, thus rendering it suitable for standardized quality of TCM products.
  • Decoction unnecessary, easy to store, convenient to use, thus being favorable to adapt to the TCM medical treatment market readily.
  • Defined extract names which are easy to distinguish
  • Easy to dispense, raises working efficiency of the pharmacist, greatly improves the working environment and the management standard
  • Well defined packing dosage: Traditional Chinese Medicine can now be accurately dosed, thus reducing dosage mistakes caused by manual dispensing, rendering it favorable to improve the curative effect of TCM
  • Refined packing. Compared with herbal raw material, the Single Chinese Herbal Extract does not run the risk of damage by worms or mold; it is hygienic, and can be kept for a long period of time and is easy to be transported and stored due to small-size packing volume
  • 999 Herb Extracts are rigorously tested for freedom from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides heavy metals, and other pollutants.

Distinctive vision, the courage of innovation
China Resource Sanjiu is always on the cutting edge of the development of high-quality products. It focuses on R & D in order to develop new standardized products, to analyze their active ingredients, to document their pharmacological action, their therapeutic efficacy and safety and to guarantee their pharmaceutical quality. High qualities of its products have been guaranteed by implementation GAP, GLP, GCP and GMP.

In China, China Resource Sanjiu has become the representative of modernization of TCM, it will continue devoting itself to the goal.



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