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999 Single Chinese Herbal Extracts, also known as Concentrated Herbal Tea, presents a new generation of purified Chinese herbal remedial products. Our quality assurance policy maintains strict management of the production process ensuring you receive only a top quality, 100% natural and additive-free product.

What is the taste of herbal extracts? Do they the same as decocted raw herbs?
China Resource Sanjiu (999) herbal extracts are used as direct substitutes for raw herbs, with the benefits including simplified preparation and standard dosage. The extraction of the whole herbs that maintains the taste, quality, and flavor of the raw material as well as stables the medical efficacy.

Do herbal extracts made from the grinding of raw herbs or raw material?

No, they are not made from milling of raw herbs. They are made from high quality raw material through extraction and processing by means of advanced modern technology with high quality control standard and removal of impurities.

In Chinese medicine, some herbs have to be cooked first (before) and some herbs have to be cooked later(after), how 999 Herbal Extract can manage that?
During the manufacture process, these two factors have been considered and properly taken care of .

How the medical efficacy of 999 herbal extracts compared with raw herbs?
999 herbal extracts are made from 100% top quality raw herbs and materials. They maintain all of the original properties - elements, color and flavor of the initial substance.

However, Under traditional decoction methods, over 50% of the herb's natural essence may be wasted. By using our 999 herbal extracts, the patients absorb 100% of the herb's potential.

Therefore, the efficacy of 999 Chinese herbal extracts is superior to the traditional raw herbs.

How the 999 single herbal extracts are packaged and what is the dose of the extracts?
They are packed in an aluminum and plastic film pouch. Each pouch contains one individual dose, making it easy to take. The weight of each package is a standard dose of an adult; you can add and subtract according to your own situation. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor. All of our products are pre-measured by professionals and experts, so you are more comfortable by using the extract teas.

How many types of 999 herbal extracts are available?
Following on its rich manufacturing experience and quintessence of Chinese medicine, China Resource Sanjiu has successfully developed more than 400 Single Chinese Herbal Extracts, establishing the relevant quality control standards required to meet consumer's needs. New items will be added according to the need. Amongst them, animals and minerals are also available.

What are the major benefits of 999 single herb medicine compared with raw herbs?
Modern scientific method ensure freedom from contamination, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides heavy metals and other pollutants
Made from genuine herbal raw material- Carefully chosen and most of them are natural.
Superior medical efficacy, better than raw herbs.
No decoction is require, just put water and drink

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