TCM Organiser- Chinese Medicine Clinic Management System

  A complete solution to manage Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture clinic
Also for multi-disciplines clinics including massage therapy, chiropractic & other therapies clinics

It is used by hundreds of Chinese Medicine Hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Our innovative new software enables you to manage your patients and medical office effectively and efficiently. The software is current used by the 999 clinics in Canada for tens years and have been proved to be the most effective and powerful tool to manage their clinics. It is very easily to use. Even you are the first-time computer user, you are able to handle it within a very short time.


- Patient management, records, bookings and others
- Patient medical records
- Prescription management and assistance
- Full herbal dictionary
- Herbal formulae dictionary
- Documents management
- Clinic accounting system
- Tax management and calculation
- Receipts, insurance claim forms and other documents
- Management reports
- Herbs, herbal extracts and medicine stock management

Your clinic name, address, phone number and other information will be customized in your printouts and reports


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